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We are experts in providing high-quality maintenance/renovation services and Heavy Equipment/Machinery on rental basis. Our team is dedicated and well trained in providing high-quality, professional, and cost-effective services. We also provide service on a quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis with special packages. Book us and relax, we are here to make your home or office decorated & comfortable.


A/C Installation & Maintenance

Unbearable hot and humid weather of UAE compels more and more people to say indoors and enjoy the comfort of air conditioners. However, if you’re receiving cool air conditioning, then it’s probably the right time to contact us.

We provide air conditioning installation and repair service for all brands, at a very reasonable price.


Carpentry & Joinery Works

we have professional team of carpenters for all type of carpentry and joinery works.

some of carpentry jobs listed below,

  • Decking Works 

  • Parquet/Flooring Works

  • All types of doors fixing

  • Automatic Door Locks

  • Pergola Fixing

  • Customized Kitchen Cabinets

  • Customized Closets/Wardrobe

  • Customized Office Cabinets

  • Customized Beds


Paints and Polish Solutions

  • Paint Solutions ( for move-in or move-out.
  • Wood & Door Polish Solution.
  • Painting of Internal and External Area of the Property.
  • Spray Painting of wooden doors or furniture.
  • Polishing of Furniture.


Property Reinstating Works

  • Removal or repairing of Partitions, Walls, Ceiling and Flooring.
  • Removal of extra Furniture or fittings
  • Deep Cleaning Works
  • Replacement of Electric sockets/lights.
  • Any other related tasks upon customer request.

Deep Cleaning Services

  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Car Interiors Cleaning
  • House/Office Cleaning

Computer Network & Infastructure Installation & Maintenance

WeRfixer specializes in IT and Network Support and installing business computer networks across UAE. The Networking Company provides broadband, internet services, hardware, offsite backup and VPNs to UAE businesses.


Plumbing & Sanitary Installation & Maintenance

The plumbing and sanitary system is an essential part of every house or building. Proper planning and designing of plumbing system is crucial as it takes care of the hygiene requirements of the occupants. weRfixer plumber’s job role consists of installation, repair, maintenance and servicing of plumbing fittings and fixtures.


Construction Equipment Rental

If you are seeking for a reliable Machinery/Equipment on rental basis then contact us.


Building Cleaning & Services

WeRfixer is a full-service company that provides a comprehensive range of solutions for buildings and properties in Sharjah, Dubai, and in other Emirates of the UAE. We service residential and commercial properties with cost-effective, affordable, and reliable services that deliver superior value for money.


Marble & Tiles Work

  • Marble/Stone Works.
  • Tile Fixing Works.
  •  Mason Works.

Glass & Aluminum Installation & Maintenance

We provide fixing service of Aluminum/Cast Aluminum Doors, Window, Stairs Railing and Main Gates


Electromechanical & Equipment Installation

WeRfixer is listed in Electro-Mechanical Consultants & Contractors, and located in Dubai UAE. weRfixer is a leading name in Dubai which provides an Electro-Mechanical Consultants & Contractors.

Cieling and Prtitions (1)

Ceilings & Partitions

WeRfixer is the market leader in partitions and ceilings, We completed  most prestigious projects in the UAE and presently working on some of the large scale developments in the country.

With our vast experience of working with regular, moisture resistant and Fire rated gypsum boards and WPC. We can install high quality drywall partitions at breathtaking speed. This, combined with the added experience of working with gypsum, mineral fiber, aluminum and steel ceilings, and  , Fire Rated or Tempered Glass has made us the premier partition and ceiling contractor in the UAE.


Swimming Pool Installation

For many people, pool maintaining is just a necessary task. But to us, it’s a passion. Yes, each and every one of our pool technicians are here because we are all dedicated and enthusiastic about the process of maintaining a pool and seeing our clients approve of our work as they look forward to spending their hot afternoons in their pristinely cool pool. It is probably why we are known as one of the best pool company in UAE.
We Provides below Services:
– Swimming Pool Installation and Maintenance
– Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Treadmill Repair Services 2

Treadmill & Home Appliance Repairing Services

We Provides Treadmill Repairing service all over UAE.

We also provides below home appliance repairing services as well.

  • Electrical Stove
  • Oven
  • Fridge Freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Air Conditioner
  • Washing Machine

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